After a week’s break, Black Clover returns with chapter 342 this weekend, and the spoilers for the chapter came out on October 26, 2022. The early spoilers feature several exciting moments, but the one that caught everyone’s attention was Ichika using her full potential to fight Asta.

Previously, Black Clover introduced three new members who would train Asta. They seem to be friendly with him, unlike Ichika. As the training begins, the trio brings Asta to his knees, and that too without using any power on him. Later, Ichika and Asta had a conversation regarding how the former respects Ryuyasama and can do anything he says.

Well, the discussion went too far when Yami’s topic started, and the chapter ended with a flashback of Yami and Ichika’s childhood.

Black Clover Chapter 342 spoilers hint towards a battle between Ichika and Asta

The spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 342 show Ichika telling Asta how Yami killed his entire clan and how much she hates him. The spoilers also show a glimpse of Yami and Ichika’s childhood, where it gets revealed that their father was an alcoholic. The man wanted to kill his own daughter, Ichika because his wife died while giving birth to a girl. The statement clearly signifies that he believed Ichika was responsible for her mother’s death.

As Ichika and Yami’s father loses control and picks the wooden sword to attack the girl, he is stopped by Yami. After that, Yami leaves the house with Ichika, and one day while they go fishing, Ryuuga approaches them. In the next panel, an injured Ichika sees her entire clan dead, and Yami stands there holding a blood-soaked sword. Since then, she has lost faith in him.

Returning to the present, Ichika tries to convince Asta that Yami is a person who cannot be trusted. But Asta gets ready to fight with her as he will not lose faith in Yami, no matter what. Ichika warns him that this time she will fight and will only stop after killing him. Soon, Ichika appears in her dark-cloaked black warrior form, which seems way too powerful than her normal state.

What can be the consequences of the fight?

Asta is already in his training period, so the fight won’t be a part of the training because Ichika is frustrated with him, so she will show her full potential. However, Asta will also fight the opponent with his full capability, so there are chances that his skills will get sharpened, and he can beat a warrior like Ichika, finally putting an end to his training. However, it’s highly unlikely that their fight will be lethal. Of course, they might end up injuring each other with their powers, but they won’t go as far as to kill anyone.

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