Warning: This article contains Spoilers for Chainsaw Man manga.

Previously in Chainsaw Man, we saw Makima with her two public security guards reach the location where Denji kills his betrayer and the Zombie devil in his devil form. Makima gets overwhelmed by learning that he is neither a human nor a devil. So, finally, she gives Denji two choices: either join her organization as a devil hunter or die a devil’s death. That instance made every fan wonder why Makima did not kill Denji.

The latest episode of Chainsaw Man finally reveals why Makima is fond of a devil-like Chainsaw Man and why she wants him to be a devil hunter.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Makima makes an intelligent move by sparing Denji

In episode 3 of Chainsaw Man, Aki asks Makima why she is interested in a useless person like Denji. He also continues saying that he has not seen any talent in him that a devil hunter should possess. Makima replies that all devils have names; the more potent the name, the stronger the devil. She continues by giving examples of a coffee devil and a car devil. She says the former seems weak, and no one will fear it, but everyone knows if a car rushes over them, they’ll die, and for that reason, the car devil is much stronger.

However, the name “Chainsaw” is even scary for humans, which clearly makes Chainsaw Devil far stronger than any Devil Makima has ever encountered. So, that’s one primary reason why Makima wants Denji by her side.

Makima then reveals that Denji is a hybrid; he can live like a human and can transform into the Chainsaw Man. That’s another exciting thing, giving her one more reason not to kill Denji.

Is Makima stronger than Chainsaw Man in the manga?

Undoubtedly, Makima is one of the toughest characters in Chainsaw Man manga, but NO, she isn’t stronger than Chainsaw Man.

Makima has the power of manipulation, which can be seen when she can pet Denji for a while. She managed to survive despite getting killed several times by Katana Man and Gun Devil. In fact, during battles with Chainsaw Man, she was killed 26 times but still returned to life. However, in the end, Denji came out stronger against Makima. Of course, Denji took Power’s help to defeat her, but there’s no arguing that Makima herself believed that if there was anyone who could defeat her, it was Chainsaw Man. That’s why she wanted Denji not to work against her.

Also, there’s one unique trait of Chainsaw Devil that makes it stronger than Makima – the power to erase a devil’s existence. Apparently, the devils that the Chainsaw Devil kills are forever erased from existence and are entirely forgotten. No wonder Makima always feared the Chainsaw Devil’s powers and wanted them for herself.

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