Blue Lock episode 4 will release soon, and here’s everything you should know about its release schedule.

In the previous episode, the anime series showed Team X winning over Team Z in their first match in Blue Lock. However, Isagi recalls the words of Ego and realizes the actual meaning of creating a football match from scratch. But it was too late, as Team X had already won the match. So, after witnessing the intense and challenging soccer match, fans wonder what will happen in the fourth episode.

Bluelock | Official Trailer | Crunchyroll

Bluelock | Official Trailer | Crunchyroll

When will Blue Lock Episode 4 release?

Blue Lock episode 4 will release on Sunday, October 30, 2022, at 1:30 AM in Japan, and Internationally, the episode will be simulcasted by Netflix and Crunchyroll after some time. Here’s the release time schedule that you should follow:

Blue Lock Episode 4 gets an official synopsis

After getting badly defeated by Team X, Isagi learns that to win the soccer match, the entire team needs to come together, playing as a team and not for themselves. He also realizes that Team X could only win because they were playing all together while Isagi’s team did not care much about the team.

Team Y from Blue Lock
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Well, the official synopsis of the upcoming episode confirms that Team Z will now go against Team Y. The synopsis states that Team X was “centered on horse wolves with overwhelming ego and ability.” The artist mysteriously imparts his wisdom and says that the team should have their own “weapon.” So, every member starts looking for their weapon, but Kiyoshi cannot find any. Regardless, he uses the “smell of goals” he felt in the Team X game as his motivation or driving force to go against Team Y, an opponent that isn’t easy to defeat.

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