Black Clover chapter 343 is around the corner, and the early spoilers have teased Asta and Ichika’s fight, so it’s hard for fans to wait for its official release. Well, here we have talked about the release schedule for the chapter.

Ichika hates Yami, and Asta’s admiration for him triggers the fight between them. Well, the previous chapter created the base for an intense battle, and the upcoming chapter will show the fight. So, it’s understandable why the chapter is going to be one of the most exciting chapters of the manga.

Black Clover – Official Manga Trailer

Black Clover – Official Manga Trailer

When does Black Clover Chapter 343 Release?

Black Clover chapter 343 will officially release on Manga Plus and Viz Media on Monday, November 7, 2022, at 12:00 AM. Moreover, at the same time, the official website of the Shonen Jump Magazine will also get the chapter.

Here are the release timings for different time zones that should be followed:

Black Clover Chapter 342: A Brief Recap

The chapter reveals Yami’s full name, i.e., Yami Sukehiro. Yami’s clan was guarding an area in the Land of the Sun owned by Ryudou’s family. Ichika reveals that in Hino country, there was a dragon with five heads, and he went on a rampage until a maiden stopped him.

After that, we saw a flashback of Sukehiro and Ichika’s childhood. While giving birth to the latter, their mother died. To cope with the loss, their father turned alcoholic, and one day he was about to harm Ichika. Sukehiro stopped him and ran away with his little sister Ichika. He took her fishing, where Ryudo Ryuya appeared and joined them.

Later, Ichika misunderstands Sukehiro when she sees him standing with a sword near the lifeless bodies of the Yami clan. Coming back to the present, Ichika tells Asta that Yami is not trustworthy. Asta does not entertain her and provokes her to fight with him.

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