Black Clover chapter 342 showed how Asta stayed loyal to Yami and got ready to fight with Ichika when she criticized him. However, before the fight could begin, the chapter ended by showing Ichika’s Dark-Cloaked Warrior form. Now, as the spoilers for chapter 343 are released, fans are thrilled to learn that the popular manga will finally show one of the much-awaited fights.

The previous episode revealed some shocking instances. For example, we learned that Yami left his house to protect Ichika from their father because, in a drunk condition, he wanted to hurt her. Later, Yami took Ichika fishing, where Ryuya Ryudo joined them. However, after a while, when Ichika woke up, she saw Yami with a blood-soaked sword, and their entire clan was lying dead. Since then, Ichika developed an intense hatred for her brother, but when she saw Asta supporting Yami, she got angry and took her dark form.

Black Clover – Official Manga Trailer

Black Clover – Official Manga Trailer

Black Clover Chapter 343: Asta Vs. Ichika

Black Clover chapter 343 starts where it ended in the previous chapter. Ichika tries to pull Asta towards her using her Yoryoku named ‘Dark Cloaked Warrior.’ However, Asta defends himself by using Devil Union mode. After that, Ichika uses another spell, ‘Dark Yojutsu: Black Star.’ She also informs Asta that this spell is basically used for physical and sword fights.

Asta then transforms into Demon Destroyer Sword and fails all the attacks of Ichika. Seeing Asta overpowering her makes her angry, and she becomes more determined to win the battle. Ichika starts demotivating Asta by saying he is incapable enough to be the Wizard king.

When both of them are about to make the final move, they are stopped by Ryuya, who says that Asta’s enemies have arrived in search of him. The chapter concludes by showing Sister Lily with two Paladins in the sky.

It seems Asta’s enemies want to see whether Asta is still alive. To learn the exact thing, do not miss out on the further chapters of Black Clover.

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