The anticipated season 4 of The Dragon Prince has arrived on Netflix, and like the previous seasons, it has successfully impressed fans with its character design and animation.

Undoubtedly, the main protagonists, Ezran and Callum, grabbed everyone’s attention, but this time the Evil Viren’s children, Claudia and Soren, also came into the limelight. Here, we reveal Soren’s age in The Dragon Prince.

The Dragon Prince season 4 starts by showing Claudia and Viren in one frame; Soren gains likability for his sense of humor and joyful nature in the kingdom. He is also the youngest member of the King’s council.

What is Soren’s age in The Dragon Prince?

In the previous three seasons of The Dragon Prince, Soren was 18 years old, and as Claudia told Viren in the new season that it’s been two years, Soren is now 20 years old.

Soren is a bit immature and kind of a dumb character, but the warmth he has in himself makes him different from his evil father. In fact, he was the one to bring out his father’s true colors in front of everyone. Despite this, he supported Ezran and stood by him to help him bring peace and prosperity to the kingdom.

Also, being a Crownguard member, he holds some really impeccable swordsmanship. That’s one of the reasons he is asked to lead troops on missions despite being the youngest member of Crownguard.

Soren gets manipulated by his father

Soren loves Callum and Ezran, but sometimes he becomes very mean to them, especially the former. He annoys Callum the most by making fun of him. Even though he is aware of his father Viren’s criminal intentions, sometimes he gets manipulated by him and his little sister Claudia. Hence, taking this as an advantage, Viren used his own son and made him stand against Callum.

However, lately, realizing his mistake, he confronted his father and again got inclined toward Callum and Ezran.

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