Blue Lock episode 5 releases soon, and here, we have revealed the release date and time for the anime series’ upcoming episode.

After getting badly defeated by Team X, Isagi’s team prepare for their next match with Team Y. In episode 4, we see each player focusing on their weapon, which means their unique abilities; for instance, someone is good at left-footed shots while someone possesses fast speed. However, Isagi Kun gets confused as he has never thought about his ability.

Well, the match with Team Y is still not over, and we will learn about the winning team in the next episode, so if you want to know when the episode will come out, you’re at the right destination.

Bluelock | Official Trailer | Crunchyroll

Bluelock | Official Trailer | Crunchyroll

When will Blue Lock Episode 5 Release?

Blue Lock episode 5 will come out on Crunchyroll on Saturday, November 5, 2022. It will be released at different times in different regions of the world. Here’s a schedule you may follow:

Isagi struggles to find his ‘Weapon’ in Blue Lock’s previous episode

Since the beginning of the fourth episode of Blue Lock, the players of Team Z discuss their weapons, but Isagi can’t say anything because he has never paid attention to his ability/ weapon. So, the entire episode sees Isagi trying to find out the one thing that makes him different and unique from the rest of the team.

One day while having dinner, he is approached by Kunigami, who wants to say thanks to Isagi for passing the ball in the last game. When Kunigami is about to leave, Isagi stops him and asks why he wants to be a soccer player. To this, Kunigami replies that he never admired any fictional superhero; instead, he has been fascinated by Soccer players since childhood.

As the soccer match against Team Y begins, Isagi follows each player of his team to observe their abilities. It seems he is trying hard to know about that one unique ability he has, and there are chances he gets a conclusion in the next episode.

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