Black Clover was supposed to come up with Chapter 351 this weekend, but unfortunately, the chapter got delayed, and it has a new release date now.

Previously, we saw Sister Lily apologizing to Asta for assisting Lucius and doing bad things to him and the other people. She also stated that Lucius wanted to get control of all the power of the world so that no one could ever defeat him. However, before she could finish, she went unconscious. The chapter then reveals that she is not dead, but the only way to bring her back is to defeat Lucius. Now, each fan is excited to see how Asta will manage to save Sister Lily.

When will Black Clover Chapter 351 release?

Black Clover Chapter 351 will get released on Viz Media and Manga Plus at 12:00 AM JST on Monday, February 20, 2023. The majority of the regions will get the chapter one day before, i.e., Sunday, February 19, 2023. However, you should follow the below timings to track the chapter:

What happened in the last chapter?

Asta protects Sister Lily from falling, and as Lily regrets helping Lucius, she starts apologizing to Asta. However, Asta wasn’t having any hard feelings toward her, so he says he does not blame her for anything. Sister Lily also reveals that she was tired of seeing people facing inequality, so she became a nun at the church, but the church wasn’t different either, so she ran from there as well.

Later, Ryudo tells Asta that Sister Lily had saved him several times earlier, and now it was his turn to protect her from Lucius. Lily continues saying that the battle would begin after three days in the Black Clover kingdom. On the other side, Lucius practices magic that will let him create people from scratch.

At the end of the chapter, when Sister Lily faints, Ryudo tells Asta that if he can defeat Lucius, Lily will regain consciousness. So, now let’s wait for Asta to train hard and kill Lucius.

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