One Piece Chapter 1074 is returning after the manga went on a break for a brief period. Well, we have received the full summary (spoilers) for the chapter, and we can not wait to let fans know about it.

While the chapter will show that the Straw Hat pirates are still looking for Dr. Vegapunk, it will also show someone’s comeback, who fans believe is dead. That will definitely surprise fans, as the character was absent from the manga for quite a long time. If you are eager to know who this suspicious character is, you must scroll down the article until it concludes.

One Piece Chapter 1074 spoilers show CPO agents getting attacked by new Pacifistas

One Piece Chapter 1074, titled ‘Mark III’, starts by showing the new Pacifistas attacking the CPO agents. All the attackers are wearing sunglasses, and every one of them is wearing a different uniform. They attack their enemies using a technique called ‘Bubble Shield.’ CPO agents realize that the new Pacifistas are much more potent than the ones they have come across in the Paramount War.

The spoilers reveal that Sentoumaru has sent the new Pacifistas to help Vegapunk run from Egghead Island, as the place is no longer safe for the scientist. Stussy arrives at the location where the clones of Vegapunk, the four seraphim, and Straw Hat crew members are there. Luccy and Kaku are seen sleeping. The group decides to continue searching for the real Vegapunk, but they plan to go separately this time. Luffy and Zoro do not want to go with them, and they choose to be with Luccy and Kaku, guarding them. On the other hand, Sanji asks Stussy if he can join her.

After that, the spoilers take us to Bonney, where she is in a Memory World that shows her young Kuma, who is being physically abused by some cruel people.

Now, as we mentioned above that someone who is believed to be dead is coming back to the manga; well, it is none other than Vivi, who is inside a ship with Wapol and Morgans. Vivi and Wapol are both hiding from the World Government. The latter also warns Vivi to talk in a low voice as he is afraid that there might be some hidden devices installed by the World Government on the ship.

When Morgans learns that Luffy is on Egghead Island, he immediately starts creating a headline for the newspaper. The headline that he creates reads:

Morgans: “Got it!! Yonkou “Straw Hat Luffy” took Vegapunk as hostage, took over Egghead Island and is about to start a war against the Marines. World Government is going to love this headline!!!”

Later, Morgans orders his staff to go to the World Government asking for money, and hearing this, Vivi gets angry.

The spoilers for the next chapter of One Piece end by giving us the great news that the manga is not going for another hiatus next week.

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