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Black Clover Chapter 351 Spoilers teases a flashback featuring Yosuga and Ryuya

Black Clover Chapter 351, titled ‘With The Shogun of the Land of the Sun,’ has received the spoilers, and here, you will learn about it.

The upcoming chapter is getting released after the manga went on a hiatus for two weeks, and now, the spoilers also reveal that it will shift its focus toward Yosuga and Ryuya.

Previously, Black Clover manga showed how Sister Lily felt guilty about supporting Lucius and going against Asta. However, Sister Lily went unconscious in the previous chapter, and now, Asta has to fight with Lucius to save Lily, as the latter has protected him several times.

Black Clover Chapter 351 spoilers explained

At the beginning of the chapter, Asta uses anti-magic to attack the dragon. Yosuga and Heath’s fight is still ongoing, and the former calls the latter’s techniques pretentious. Heath replies by saying that he cannot give up on his life for Lucius’ sake, who’s trying to create a new world.

Yosuga then says that he believes that from Heath’s point of view, he thinks he is right. He continues saying that Heath doesn’t know about his Shogun, Lucius, but he will defeat him for his Shogun, Ryuya.

After that, we get to see a flashback, where we see Yosuga as the heir to Koushu, and as he was strong since childhood, no one could knock him down in any battle. Only the heir to Goshu, Ryuu, could defeat him. The duo was often seen fighting with their Katana but in a friendly manner. That’s because they wanted to see who could become a Shogun.

Unfortunately, an epidemic started to spread in Koushu and Goshu, and people started dying. Some NPCs say they need to bring active soul grass to avoid the situation. However, they don’t know how they are supposed to get that because the herb has gone extinct.

The next scene then brings us to a new place, where we learn about Tengentsu, an ability that can only be achieved by comprising one’s Yoryoku. However, Yosuga believes that it’s not a good decision to lose Yoryoku for Tengentsu. Hence, he decides to sacrifice people’s lives in return for his power, but Ryuya accepts it immediately. Ryuya saves people’s lives by giving up on his opportunity of becoming a Shogun.

Returning to Yosuga vs. Heath, the latter gets defeated when he is finally punched by the former. Yosuga wonders if they should work on Asta’s growth by making him more robust so that he can reach the level of Ryu, which, in fact, is one of Asta’s aspirations.

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