Need a quick recap of Aggretsuko season 4? Here is a brief summary of the last episode ahead of the season 5 premiere on Netflix.

From its visuals to its soundtrack, Aggretsuko is certainly one of the more unique series available to watch on Netflix.

However, with the upcoming fifth and final season set to premiere in just a few short hours, fans of the anime series are now revisiting the last time we saw Retsuko, Haida, and the team.

Here is a quick summary of what happened in Aggretsuko season 4 episode 10, which featured the fraud claimants coming to a dramatic finale.

What happened in Aggretsuko season 4 episode 10?

Aggretsuko season 4 episode 10 saw the allegations of fraud being levied against Haida, with Kabae sneaking into the office ventilation vents to spy on Haida seemingly altering ledgers after hours.

Kabae continues to watch Haida and sees that he consistently uses a red USB stick that he either locks away in the office safe or takes home to his personal computer once the day is over; driving suspicion further.

As the mystery takes a fresh turn, Hyoudou offers a collaboration opportunity to Retsuko, whose content channel has gone viral in recent weeks to give her a new sense of confidence. Retsuko ultimately declines the offer, saying that she is too busy to work with others right now.

Ton is unable to see the combination to the safe where Haida keeps the red USB stick, with his daughters mischievously suggesting that he installs a hidden camera in the office. Ton decides that this is too risky of a move and that they need a plan to corner their ‘enemy’, noting that Retsuko is still trying to figure a safer way into the safe; she calls him moments later to confirm that she has a working strategy.

The next day, Manaka, Migi, and Hidarin arrive at the office disguised as an auditing firm and that they need to speak urgently with the head of accounting. Haida accepts to meet with the trio and opens the safe; just as Hyoudou scopes the combination from the cleaning platform.

Haida then places the red USB stick back in the safe after the meeting and is asked by Fenneko to go and help her with an assignment – Retsuko uses this opportunity to sneak into the safe and steal the USB stick.

Whilst aiding Fenneko, Tsubone comments how there is no audit today as they have to provide several weeks’ notice ahead of any major meetings; Haida is instantly suspicious of this and rushes back to the office.

Whilst he finds nothing unusual at play in the office, Haida cannot stop feeling that something is wrong and that he is being lied to by his supposed friends. That evening, he calls Tadano and the two celebrate his big promotion.

Tadano says that he started his own company because he thought that he would never get promoted, but he also presses Haida on his relationship with Retsuko, with Haida noting that she is the only reason he is still working there.

Suddenly, Haida challenges him to an arm wrestle to which Tadano agrees, with Haida adding that if he is wins, he must never call Retsuko again. Enraged, Tadano ultimately wins the arm wrestle and argues that Haida underestimates Retsuko, adding that he doesn’t want to pick a fight.

On his way home, Ton drags Haida into a karaoke bar to meet Retsuko; who says that they are still making a full investigation, with Haida arguing that he believed that he was doing the right thing and that she has now ruined everything.

He says that everyone in the office only thinks of him as the president’s puppet and says that everything that he is doing is for her sake…Retsuko responds by slapping Haida extremely hard in the face.

Haida tells Himuro that some employees are plotting to expose them, with Himura noting that they will fight fire with fire. Haida becomes more and more infuriated until he punches Himura’s desk out of frustration, claiming that he cannot fix the company’s errors anymore – an action that sees him instantly demoted.

The two then argue back and forth about how easy it would be to replace Haida, with the pair eventually bursting out into song – Haida sings about his dreams, whilst Himura sings about how emotions can change your perspective. Retsuko joins in with the song, but her voice is so powerful that it sends both Himuro and Haida through the window and onto the cleaning platform.

As a result, Himura steps down as the leader and was replaced by Tanuki, before he was also replaced by former president Shachou. Both Ton and Kabae have also returned to the office, but Haida decided to step away.

Retsuko is sad to see Haida leave, but also how he must have been happy to receive the attention; she notes to herself that everyone just wants to be seen and not lost in the crowd.

The episode ends with Haida and Retsuko meeting in the street, Haida looks far healthier than he did previously with Haida congratulating Tadano for his hard work with Retsuko.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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