Aggretsuko‘s final season, i.e., Season 5, will be released this week, and here’s everything you must know about it.

Netflix‘s popular animated tv series Aggretsuko has been a fan-favorite since it debuted with its first season in April 2018. It became popular within some time and was renewed for a second season that arrived on the streaming platform in June 2019. After that, the third season came in August 2020, followed by the fourth season in December 2021.

Before appearing in the animated series, Yeti’s creation Retsuko appeared in animated shorts produced by the animation studio Fanworks. The series of animated shorts aired from 2016 to 2018 on TBS Television.

When will Aggretsuko Season 5 get released on Netflix?

The fifth season of Aggretsuko will release on the streaming platform on Thursday, February 16, 2023, at 12:00 AM PT. The other territories may follow the below time schedule to track the much-awaited final season of the Japanese series:

What is the story of Aggretsuko?

The Aggretsuko drama series follows a cute red panda Retsuko who works as an accountant but is often ill-treated by her co-workers. To release her frustration, she sings her lungs out to death metal in a Karaoke bar. Despite being a hardworking employee, she has to work overtime because her bosses often leave numerous files on her table and ask her to finish the work before calling it a day.

Well, the fourth season of Aggretsuko shifted its focus from Retsuko toward her colleagues, and that’s when we learned that each one of them carries its own set of problems. Now, the last season will show Haida and Retsuko having each other’s back when the former gets kicked out of his apartment by his parents as he loses his job.

When Netflix released the trailer for the final season of the animated series, the streaming giant also released the official synopsis, which reads:

The “Aggretsuko” series depicts the daily life of officer worker Retsuko, who copes with her frustrations with her boss, co-workers and the world by belting out death metal. In this season, after Haida quits his job, he is forced out of his apartment that is owned by his parents and begins living in an internet café. There, he encounters Shikabane, someone who seems to have given up on everything. Retsuko decides to live with Haida to save him. Then, a suspicious man who says he is member of the Diet comes to recruit Retsuko…

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