Blue Lock episode 9 will be released soon, and here, we have come up with all the information regarding the release schedule of the episode.

Blue Lock‘s plot is getting even better daily, and that’s why the anime series has a massive fanbase.

Previously, we saw Team Z overpowering Team W in the soccer match. Well, now, they have to win the game against one of the teams with the most skilled players, i.e., Team V. It may be their last chance to prove themselves capable of staying on the premises of Blue Lock and in the football industry.

Bluelock | Official Trailer | Crunchyroll

Bluelock | Official Trailer | Crunchyroll

When does Episode 9 of Blue Lock release?

Blue Lock episode 9 will come out on the local anime channels in Japan at 1:30 AM JST on Sunday, December 4, 2022. For regions all over the world, Crunchyroll and Netflix will simulcast the episode. Below time schedule should help you to keep track of the episode:

Blue Lock Episode 8 features Nagi and Reo’s flashback

Blue Lock episode 8 shows Team V’s Zantetsu getting disappointed when Nagi leaves the practice early. However, Reo doesn’t think that he needs any training as, according to him, Nagi is one of the finest soccer players he has ever known. After that, the episode takes us to a flashback in which we learn that Reo was the one who brought Nagi into soccer. He was the one who convinced Nagi to make soccer his full-time career, after seeing his capabilities.

On the other side, Team Z is worried about the match with Team V. Raichi has not yet forgiven Kuon for the betrayal. In contrast, Kuon is not sorry for what he did to his team. Instead, he believes himself to be the team’s best player. However, Isagi tries to convince his teammates that they need Kuon for the upcoming match. Ego appears on the screen to let them know the rankings. He also asks them to find the best technique that may help them to win the game.

When the match between Team V and Team Z starts, the latter team succeeds in snatching the ball from the opponent team. However, they miss earning the goal. Meanwhile, Nagi and Reo combine their skill sets and achieve the goal for Team V, making it 1-0.

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