Boruto‘s next chapter is around the corner after break of one month, and here’s everything you should know about its release schedule.

Previously, we saw Shikamaru discussing a vital mission with Team 7. He reveals that Code has broken all ties with Eida and gone rogue. Now, Eida wants to team up with Team 7( mainly because of her love for Kawaki) to destroy Code.

Since Eida is too powerful for Team 7 to fight, so Shikamaru suggests that they should, in fact, consider working with the enemy. On one side, there’s Eida, all excited to spend some time with Kawaki; on the other hand, Code uses his limiters to make the power of ten tails usable. Every Boruto fan is eager to see how this unusual team-up of Eida and Team 7 will work and if they’ll actually get rid of Code.

Well, with the next chapter close to its release, we’ll hopefully get some of our answers soon.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations | Official English Trailer | VIZ

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations | Official English Trailer | VIZ

When does Boruto Chapter 74 Release?

Boruto Chapter 74 will release on Thursday, October 20, 2022, on Manga Plus, Viz Media, and the official website of Shonen Jump Magazine. Here’s the exact time that you should follow to get your hands on the upcoming chapter:

Boruto Chapter 73 Brief Recap

Team 7 is briefed about an important mission by Shikamaru, as he thinks that the mission can only be carried out by this team as, according to him, it’s the best team in the village. Shikamaru confirms that Eida wants to work with Team 7 against Code.

Shikamaru asks Team 7 to share a room with Eida and his brother, Daemon, but only to gather intel. Eida listens to all this, and her heart starts pounding because she’ll get to stay with Kawaki.

Meanwhile, Code thinks about ways to become more powerful so he could defeat Daemon and Eida. For that, Code uses his limiters to suppress the power of Ten Tails and gives him a form that can fight on his behalf.

While Sasuke talks to Naruto about everything that’s happening, he senses Momoshiki’s presence around Boruto. But we’ll have to wait for the next chapter to see why Momoshiki chose to appear now.

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