Denji is the main protagonist of the popular manga series Chainsaw Man. Now, when the character is brought to life in the anime adaptation, fans are intrigued to know about the voice actor.

After waiting so long, the much-awaited anime adaptation has arrived, and from an impeccable opening theme song to fantastic animation, the anime series has it all. The conversations between Pochita and Denji are good enough to make our hearts full. Simultaneously, the brutal scenes can give us chills.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Who voiced Denji in Chainsaw Man?

Kikunosuke Toya has voiced Denji, aka Chainsaw Man, in the anime series. Previously, Kikunosuke worked as a voice actor in the 2022 anime TV show titled Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 10. Even though he had a minor role in the previous show, it seems voicing Denji will give him the appreciation he deserves.

Ryan Colt Levy has given his voice to the character in the English dubbed version of Chainsaw Man. The voice actor’s several performances include Black Badge in Azure Striker Gunvolt 3, Farlan Church in Attack on Titan: No Regrets, Eishiro Kite in Prince of Tennis II SPECIAL, and more.

Who is Denji in Chainsaw Man?

Denji is a poor young boy who leads a difficult life and inherits the deceased father’s debts that he has taken from Yakuza. When he was a child, a member of Yakuza threatened him to return his money. After meeting Pochita (the Chainsaw Devil), Denji was hired by Yakuza as a devil hunter. One day, the boy was betrayed and killed, but he returned to life when his lifeless body got fused with the Chainsaw Devil.

The fusion gives him the authority to transform into the chainsaw man just by pulling the cord in the middle of his chest. If Denji has enough blood, the chainsaws will emerge from his face, legs, and arms. If he lacks enough blood, only a partial chainsaw will come out from his face.

Unlike other Devils, Denji doesn’t harm humanity after being the Chainsaw Man; he still fulfills his responsibilities as a devil hunter and kills the devils who threaten humankind.

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