Boruto Episode 285, titled ‘Sasuke’s Story: The Sky that fell to the earth,’ will hopefully show Sasuke and Sakura learning about the meteor that fell on the Earth. Well, after knowing this, fans can’t wait to witness the entire thing on their own, so they want to know about the awaited episode’s release schedule. Well, here it is.

Previously, we saw Sasuke and Sakura making attempts to learn about the Ultra Particles. For that, they also entered Zansul’s secret chamber, where no outsider could go. Moreover, when the husband and wife duo were planning out things, a mysterious person overheard their whole conversation. Also, now that Zansul already knows about Sasuke and Sakura’s plan, it would be exciting to see how things turn out for both of them.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Kara Actuation | Official Trailer | VIZ

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Kara Actuation | Official Trailer | VIZ

When does Boruto Episode 285 get released?

Boruto Episode 285 will get released on Sunday, January 29, 2023, at 5:30 PM Japanese Standard Time on TV Tokyo. International fans must watch the episode on Crunchyroll. The release timings may vary because of the different time zones, but here, we have provided the schedule that will obviously help you:

What happened last time in the anime?

Sasuke and Sakura enter Zansul’s office secretly, and after that, Sakura comes across the Prime Minister’s delegate who was there to meet Zansul. However, before he could reach Zansul, Sakura used Genjustu and disguised herself as the delegate. Moreover, Sakura also turned Sasuke into a cane.

After transforming herself into Fandel, Sakura went to Zansul straightaway to ask him what he was up to, but Zansul did not utter even a single thing in front of her. On the other side, Sasuke entered the cellar and witnessed the chicken and fossils kept there. He came to know that Zansul was making an army of beasts, and someone was helping him. However, the identity of the mysterious person is not yet revealed.

Unfortunately, when Sasuke came out of the cellar, he was attacked by Meno, but instead of fighting him, Sasuke allowed him to bite him. That way, he also befriended Meno.

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