Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 is approaching its finale, but fans are already eager to know the fate of the anime series. That means every fan wants to know if the series is getting renewed for Season 5.

The renewal of an animated series depends on either its popularity or if the manga series is left with enough source material for the adaptation. We must acknowledge that Bungo Stray Dogs is quite famous among fans who love to watch suspense-oriented shows. Secondly, if we talk about the remaining source material, the Manga still has plenty of content that can get an entirely new season.

The decision on the season’s renewal depends on the animation studio, so let’s find out if the fifth season of the anime has been renewed.

Is Bungo Stray Dogs getting a Season 5?

No, the anime series’ fifth season is not yet confirmed by Studio Bones. However, fans shouldn’t lose hope, as the fourth season was confirmed after two years of the third season’s conclusion. The same might be the case with the next season’s renewal.

Besides that, the latest season of the anime started with The Untold Origins of the Detective Agency arc and ended with the Sky Casino arc. The Manga has released 106 chapters, of which the first 76 chapters have already been adapted in the four seasons of the anime. Hence, the Manga still has 30 chapters remaining, so we hope to hear the announcement regarding the fifth season’s renewal.

What Manga arcs will be adapted in Season 5?

After the fourth season ended with the Sky Casino arc, the next season will kickstart with the Kamui Revelation arc, in which we will learn that Kamui has the page that Atsushi has been looking for, for a long time. After that, the fifth season might also cover the Vampire Infection Outbreak arc, showing how the Decay of the Angel turns humans into Vampires for their evil motives.

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