Call of the Night anime is heading toward its finale, and as episode 11 is close to its release, fans want to learn when they can watch the next episode.

The previous episode showed Nazuna working in a cafe as a replacement for another waitress. Kou also goes with her to help Midori. Later, Kou is approached by a former waitress at the cafe who tells him that she envies Midori because she is amazing. While going through the social media page of the cafe, Midori, Kou, and Nazuna find out that someone has clicked private pictures of Arisa.

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Call of the Night Episode 11: Release date and Time

Call of the Night Episode 11 will officially release on the local channels of Japan, like Fuji TV, on Friday, September 16, 2022, at 12:55 AM JST. Simultaneously, the upcoming episode will get released on Hidive on the same day for International fans. However, the time differences will be there for different time zones. So, here, we have listed the release times that International fans may follow:

Call of the Night Episode 10: Recap

Midori distributes flyers of the cafe on the streets. She does this to get potential customers, but she gets a message from one of her colleagues who was supposed to help her with the work. So, after reading the message, she gets furious and starts thinking about whom she should request to work as a replacement for her colleague.

Suddenly, she encounters Nazuna and Kou, so she asks Nazuna to help her. Initially, she wasn’t getting ready, but after a few minutes, she agreed. Kou was asked to play the role of a customer and order something at the cafe. While Kou was sitting, he was approached by a waitress named Arisa, who told him that earlier she was the most popular waitress in the cafe, but since the day Midori became no. 1 since the day she joined.

Later, as Midori, Nazuna and Kou were sitting in the staff room, they learned that someone had leaked Arisa’s private pictures on the cafe’s social media page. Kou and Nazuna decided to help Arisa find the person behind this. However, during the investigation, they found out that Arisa took her own pictures using a timer and posted them on the platform.

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