One Piece Chapter 1059 is returning after a hiatus of one week, and as usual, fans are going crazy after getting the early spoilers of the upcoming chapter.

The previous chapter of the famous and longest-running Japanese manga revealed the bounties of the Cross Guild and Straw Hats’ primary members. Besides this, we also saw Straw Hat Pirates leaving Wanokuni kingdom. Earlier, fans knew that Yamato would leave the kingdom with the Straw Hats, but she chose to be in Wano as she wanted to explore the kingdom.

One Piece Stampede | Official Teaser Trailer 3

One Piece Stampede | Official Teaser Trailer 3

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One Piece Chapter 1059: Spoilers

The upcoming chapter introduces us to Pacifista’s new model, Seraphim, which looks like children with white hair, brown skin, and an extremely large body.

The chapter’s spoilers also suggest Blackbeard’s desire to steal Boa Hancock’s devil fruit power. So, to fulfill his wish, he attacks Amazon Lily during the Marine invasion. However, to protect his kingdom, Hancock attacks the invaders and turns them into stone.

Rayleigh makes a comeback to the manga and tries to stop the conflict. However, he does not fight; instead, he acts as Shanks in the marineford. On the other side, the Blackbeard pirates kidnap Koby.

Marco is taken to the Sphinx Island by Red Hat Pirates. Shank also asks him to join their crew, but he denies it.

The chapter also comes with the updated bounties of Blackbeard and Hancock, i.e., 3.996 billion and 1.659 billion, respectively.

One Piece Chapter 1059: Release date and Time

One Piece Chapter 1059 will release on Sunday, 11, 2022, at 12:00 AM for Japanese readers. The readers based on different time zones, can follow the below time schedule to get their hands on the upcoming chapter as soon as it releases:

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