Chainsaw Man part 2 has given us three chapters until now, but fans are still waiting for Denji’s return to the manga. The manga’s Chapter 101 will be released soon, and fans can’t wait to read it.

Till now, we have seen the new antagonist Asa Mitaka who gets possessed by the War Devil, who gives her a second chance by bringing her back to life. However, the devil puts a condition, and she asks Mitaka to capture Chainsaw Man. So, as the story moves forward, fans crave to see Denji’s Chainsaw Man form.

Official Manga Trailer | Chainsaw Man, Vol. 1 | VIZ

Official Manga Trailer | Chainsaw Man, Vol. 1 | VIZ

Chainsaw Man Chapter 101: Release date and time

The upcoming chapter of the Chainsaw Man will release on Wednesday, August 3, 2022, in Japan at 12:00 AM. However, several International fans can try their hands on the manga chapter a day prior to its Japanese release, i.e., Tuesday, August 2, 2022. To track the new chapter on Viz Media and Manga Plus, you should follow the below time schedule:

Chainsaw Man Chapter 100 Recap

The 100th chapter of Chainsaw Man part 2 introduces us to two new characters, Yoshida and Yuko, who might play a prominent part in the storyline. The chapter titled ‘How to Walk Shoeless‘ kicked off with Mitaka walking with a boy and a girl in the corridors of the school in search of devils. Meanwhile, the girl introduces herself as Yuko, and the boy introduces himself as Yoshida.

Yuko says she is a big fan of Chainsaw Man and asks others if they like him too. Yoshida says that he is fond of Chainsaw Man too, and seeing everyone’s fondness, Mitaka lies by calling herself a Chainsaw Man fan. Later, three of them pass by a group of three girls, whom Mitaka recognizes as her batch mates. Seeing Mitaka, the girls started murmuring and making fun of her.

As Mitaka approaches her locker, she sees raw meat over her shoes. Seeing this, a disappointed Mitaka runs towards her home bare feet. However, Yuko offers her to take one of her shoes so that at least one of her feet doesn’t get injured. Mitaka doesn’t agree to take her help, but Yuko still insists and runs behind her until she lands in her home. As Mitaka continuously denies taking her help, Yuko asks her to wear or sell the shoes.

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