Since Chainsaw Man manga part 2 arrived, everyone was waiting for Denji’s comeback. Well, after a frustratingly long wait, the latest chapter of the manga series stunned everyone by showing Denji’s first appearance in Part 2.

The previous chapter of Chainsaw Man ended with showing Asa Mitaka and Yuko getting in trouble as they come across a monster. So, the latest entry of the manga kicks off from where it left previously. That means the chapter starts with the girls being chased by the Bat Devil. Yuko also gets poorly injured, and the War Devil tries to manipulate Mitaka to turn Yuko into a weapon.

Chainsaw Man | Official Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Official Trailer

Events of Chainsaw Man Chapter 102 Explained

A monster is on a killing spree, and Asa Mitaka and Yuko are in danger. The War Devil cannot use Mitaka’s body as a vessel because she’s in her fear state. So, the devil tries to convince Mitaka to kill Yuko and turn her into a weapon. However, Mitaka disagreed; instead, she chose to protect an unconscious Yuko.

While running, Mitaka fumbled on the ground, and as the monster was about to grab the girls, Chainsaw Man showed up to fight the devil. Seeing him, the monster mocks Denji and asks why he wants to save humanity when he is a devil too. Later, the Cockroach Devil grabs a student and five old people to bring him to his knees. It throws the victims and asks Chainsaw Man to choose between saving the older adults or a young boy with an entire life ahead of him.

However, Denji doesn’t care about saving the humans, and he straightaway charges at the devil. Chainsaw Man then quickly kills the enemy, but he isn’t affected by the six people’s death. In fact, he feels like a savior after successfully saving a cat from falling off a building.

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