The Haikyu anime is approaching its end with a final movie divided into two parts. The movie was announced today with a teaser video.

Haikyu is one of the beloved animated shows that follows the sports genre. The anime has been blessed with four seasons, and fans were expecting Season 5 to be announced. However, it seems Production I.G. chose to come up with a movie over a regular T.V. show.

The first season of the anime was released in 2014 with 25 episodes that concluded the same year. Season 2 came in 2015 and ended in 2016, with the episode count being the same as the previous season. Later, the third season was split into two parts, so the first thirteen episodes were released in January 2020 and ran until April 2020, and the last twelve episodes came out in October 2020 and went to December 2020.

Haikyu Anime concludes with a 2-part movie

After several weeks of the countdown, the official website of Haikyu revealed the Haikyu final movie’s current status. Apart from this, TOHO animation also uploaded a teaser video of the final movie involving the characters’ voiceover. It can be expected that the final movie will cover Nekoma vs. Karasuno arc.

On August 19, a Haikyu event will take place, so we may get more information regarding the upcoming theatrical movie there.

Do we have a release date for Haikyu Final Movie?

Unfortunately, we do not have any release date as the movie is still in production. Once it has been developed entirely, only then can we get a confirmed release date. However, we can take a look at some predictions. For instance, Haikyu Season 4 was announced during Jump Festa ’19, and it aired thirteen months after the announcement.

Moreover, as the trailer states that a kick-off event will take place in August 2023, so the movie may get released in the Japanese theatres after three weeks of the event. Also, the International fans have to wait for almost three months after the domestic premiere of the movie, i.e., November 2023.

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