Chainsaw Man Chapter 105 is arriving soon, and here we discuss the upcoming chapter’s release schedule along with the previous events’ recap.

The screen adaptation of the action-packed manga is all set to get released in a couple of days. Until then, the manga keeps the readers invested by bringing several exciting factors.

Created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, the Chainsaw Man manga is positively consumed by the fanbase. With each new chapter, the curiosity about further events doesn’t let them stay calm. So, at what time does the upcoming chapter get released? Let’s find out the answer below.

Chainsaw Man | Official Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Official Trailer

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What’s the Release Date and Time for Chainsaw Man Chapter 105?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 105 gets a new release date after getting delayed for one week. The forthcoming chapter is scheduled to get released on Tuesday, September 27th, 2022, on Manga Plus and Viz Media. No changes have been made in the release timings, so here’s the time schedule that you should follow:

Chainsaw Man Chapter 104: A Quick Recap

Chainsaw Man Chapter 104, titled spoiler, begins showing Yoru the War Devil getting furious at the thought of Chainsaw Man saving them from the Cockroach Devil. Getting disturbed by her voice, Asa Mitaka gets up and asks her to lower her voice as she wants to sleep. However, seeing Yoru that way, Asa couldn’t resist asking the reason for her hatred toward Chainsaw Man.

Yoru disclosed that the two had a conflict long ago where Chainsaw Man defeated her. In addition, she also mentioned that the Chainsaw Man ate a part of her that weakened her body.

After that, she continued saying that due to him, the war had been reduced and is now limited to movies and video games, and this makes her weaker.

The next day, at Denji and Mitaka’s high school, a girl uses Denji as a chair, and he is happy being her chair. Suddenly, a boy stood up and said someone was there to meet him. When he goes out, he finds Hirofumi Yoshida standing there. The latter gives him the identity card he left at the location where he fought Cockroach Devil in his Chainsaw Man form.

After that, when Yoshida asks Denji why the girl was sitting on him, Denji reveals that he does this for money. He also says he will come out as Chainsaw Man in front of everybody to get a girlfriend, and no one can stop him. Hearing this, Yoshida says that he will introduce him to a girl, but he must keep his identity secret.

The duo meets Asa Mitaka and starts talking about Chainsaw Man. However, Asa reveals that initially, she hated Chainsaw Man but nowadays, she is neutral. After that, she talks about why she hated him, and Denji expresses the good part of the Devil hero. At last, he reveals that he is the Chainsaw Man, but Asa takes him as a fool and walks away.

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