One Piece fans are thrilled that the manga is coming with a new chapter this week, and some early spoilers for the upcoming chapters are already out. So, in this post, we’ll discuss all the leaks around Chapter 1060 of the manga series.

The previous chapter of the manga showed Straw Hat Pirates proceeding toward the new island and the Blackbeard attacking Amazon Lily with the intention to capture Boa. It also came with a new Pacifista model. After the exciting events of Chapter 1059, let’s have a look at what Chapter 1060 has in store for us.

One Piece Stampede | Official Trailer

One Piece Stampede | Official Trailer

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What to expect from One Piece Chapter 1060: Early spoilers confided

One Piece Chapter 1060, titled Luffy’s Dream, sees Luffy telling the crew members about his dream, and everyone gives him a strange reaction. However, we are unaware of what exactly the reaction he gets from the crew means.

Sabo is on a call with Dragon and states that he is in the Lulucia Kingdom. He also mentions that someone is sitting on the empty throne. Imu holds a Lulucia Kingdom map that has been crossed off.

The sky gets covered with clouds, and something falls from it causing an explosion that destroys the entire kingdom. At the end of the chapter, the Straw Hats approach Jewelry Bonney, who now has an attractive bounty of 320 million berries.

One Piece Chapter 1060: Additional Information

Robin reads the newspaper, and the crew is astonished, knowing that during their time in Wanokuni Sabo killed Cobra. Luffy states the news is incorrect because, as per him, Sabo wants to help everybody, and it is unlikely that the same guy would kill someone.

After that, Luffy talks about his dream in front of everyone, but we don’t yet know what his dream is. Luffy tries to convince everyone that they should go to Alabasta, but Zoro stops him. Later, when he says they should go to Mariejois, Zoro stops him again. This time Zoro faces humiliation coming from Luffy, Chopper, Sanji, and Nami.

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