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Chainsaw Man Chapter 112 Release date and Time

The community receives Chainsaw Man manga and anime very well, and as the manga heads toward Chapter 112, fans want to know about its release schedule.

Warning: Spoilers ahead from Chainsaw Man Chapter 111

Since the second half of the manga came out, we have seen Asa always alone. After some time, she befriends a girl named Yuko, and now we see her bidding goodbye to Asa in Chapter 111. Before leaving, Yuko also reveals the truth to Asa about why she always helped her.

Well, as the previous chapter was quite enticing, no one can wait to learn what the forthcoming chapter has in store for us.

Official Manga Trailer | Chainsaw Man, Vol. 1 | VIZ

Official Manga Trailer | Chainsaw Man, Vol. 1 | VIZ

When does Chainsaw Man Chapter 112 be available for the readers?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 112 will be available on Viz Media and Manga Plus on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, at 12:00 AM JST. As the Japanese readers will get the chapter on Wednesday at midnight, the International audience can expect the chapter to show up a day before, i.e., Tuesday, November 22, 2022. The time schedule is given below that you can follow:

  • Pacific Standard Time- 7:00 AM (November 22nd)
  • Eastern Standard Time- 10:00 AM (November 22nd)
  • Greenwich Mean Time- 3:00 PM (November 22nd)
  • Central European Time- 4:00 PM (November 22nd)
  • Indian Standard Time- 8:30 PM (November 22nd)
  • Philippine Standard Time- 11:00 PM (November 22nd)
  • Japanese Standard Time- 12:00 AM (November 23rd)
  • Australia Central Standard Time- 12:30 PM (November 23rd)

Yuko dies in Chainsaw Man Chapter 111

Chainsaw Man Chapter 111 starts with Asa asking Yuko whether she wants to eat her. Yuko replies that she only wants to say goodbye. She also says that she wants to go to one of her relatives, a devil hunter, and maybe they can turn her into a human again. She feels so pathetic being a devil; that’s why she says that if in case she gets killed in her devil form, she deserves it.

Asa apologizes to Yuko as she thinks that Yuko saved her from the Justice devil selflessly, but that was not the truth. Yuko admitted that she was tired of being alone that’s why she saved her from the devil so that she could get a friend. Yuko felt guilty for killing so many people in her neighborhood and school. After having a heart-to-heart conversation with Asa, Yuko leaves, and the chapter ends by showing someone holding Yuko upside down and her head getting separated from her body.

The killer looks like Chainsaw Man in the shadow, but the previous panel has shown Denji asleep. The next chapter may reveal whether Denji or some other devil has killed Yuko by disguising himself as Denji.

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