Manga Plus’ most-read manga Chainsaw Man‘s next chapter, i.e., 114, gets delayed, but don’t worry, as we are here with a new release date.

Before Chainsaw Man, the most-read manga on Manga Plus was One Piece, and it was challenging to dethrone the longest-running and the most-loved manga of all time. However, the tables have turned, and Chainsaw Man has managed to get the top spot on the platform.

Well, the manga is so exciting that it’s hard for the fans to wait for the next chapter’s arrival. So, when does the manga releases the new chapter after getting delayed?

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

What’s the new release date and time for Chainsaw Man Chapter 114?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 114 will come out on Manga Plus and Viz Media on Tuesday, December 20, 2022, at 7:00 AM PST. Japanese fans will get the chapter the next day, i.e., Wednesday, December 21, 2022, at 12:00 AM JST. The rest of the World can follow the below schedule:

Chainsaw Man Chapter 113: Denji goes on a date

Chapter 113, titled ‘I Wanna See Penguins, ‘ sees Asa getting ready for a date with Denji, and Yoru is doubtful if she can make him fall for her so that they can turn him into a weapon. Asa says that she is cute enough, and she knows that Denji will fall for her after spending some time with her. After that, she meets Denji at the aquarium, where she has planned the date.

Asa starts talking about different fishes, but Denji finds it quite dull, so he tells her he wants to see the penguins. However, when Asa disagrees, Denji goes all alone. Yoru starts taunting her by calling her a bore. At the same time, a girl appears and introduces herself as the Famine devil after saying that Asa can never turn a human into a weapon. Asa asks how she can say that, and in reply, she learns that the devil is the elder sister of the War devil.

Famine devil takes Yoru with her temporarily and says that Asa can not leave the aquarium until she makes Denji a weapon. The end of the chapter shows Denji coming to Asa and informing her that Eternity devil has returned, and that’s the reason he cannot find a way out of the aquarium.

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