Chainsaw Man Chapter 115 releases in a couple of hours, and here, we mention everything about the chapter’s release schedule. The anime is bidding goodbye to fans this week, but the manga is not going anywhere, so fans can look forward to plenty of Chainsaw Man content.

Previously, we see Asa, Denji, and some devil hunter club members getting stuck in an aquarium and can not find a way out. Even though Denji tries to convince Asa that the Eternity Devil is doing all this, Asa refuses to believe him. Besides that, Asa thinks that the devil hunter club member Haruka Iseumi is the Chainsaw Man.

Well, everyone is eager to get their hands on a copy of Chapter 115 as it will show how Denji will find the way out of the aquarium.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

When does Chainsaw Man chapter 115 release?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 115 will release on Viz Media and Manga Plus on Wednesday, December 28, 2022, at 12:00 AM in Japan. The majority of the territories will get the new chapter on Tuesday, December 27, 2022. Here’s the time schedule that should be followed:

Asa and Denji have a fight in the previous chapter

Asa and Denji get frustrated as they can’t find the exit to the aquarium. While the two searches for the way to go out, they come across several devil hunter club members. As the place often is visited by several devils, the members of the devil hunters club decided to go patrolling, but unfortunately, they got stuck in the aquarium.

A club member named Haruka behaves in such a manner that Asa thinks he is the chainsaw man. Initially, she was thinking of turning denji into a weapon but coming across Haruka, who she believes is the chainsaw man, she changes her mind. She also feels that if she kills Haruka, Yoru will leave her body, and she will lead a normal life again without harming anyone.

Later in the chapter, Asa sees Denji picking up something from the floor. When she asked him what he was up to, Denji said that he was picking up the 1,000 Yen that he found in a bag that was kept on the ground. Hearing this, she gets mad at him, and the two fight, after which they ask one another to go to hell.

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