Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 is near its release, and here, we reveal the release date and time for the chapter. 

Asa, Denji, and the rest of the devil hunters are still wandering in the aquarium. They can’t find a way out as the aquarium seems endless. Besides that, the fishes in the aquarium tend to rot with time, and the hands of the wall clocks don’t move. Denji can’t do anything to help until the devil arrives.

Well, we can expect to see Denji and Asa finding a way out in Chapter 116. So, when will the chapter get released?

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man Chapter 116: Release Schedule

Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 will come out on the respective manga reading platforms, i.e., Manga Plus and Viz media, on Tuesday, January 3, 2022, at 8:00 AM PST. It will be the first chapter of Chainsaw Man which will get released in 2023. Here’s a time schedule that worldwide fans should follow to keep track of the episode:

What happened in Chainsaw Man Chapter 115?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 115 starts with showing Asa asking if this is the aquarium of Hell as it doesn’t have an exit, the hands of the wall clocks don’t work, and the flush in the washroom doesn’t work either. Haruka criticizes Asa for breaking the cell phone. She asks Haruka to do something as he is the Chainsaw Man. Haruka gets surprised to learn that Asa believes this.

He says that people often consider him the Chainsaw Man because he has been a winner of the Chainsaw Man quiz, owns every piece of Chainsaw Man’s merchandise, and in high school, he has been the president of Chainsaw Man’s society.

On the other hand, Yoshida asks Denji to do something, but Denji says that he can’t do anything until the devil comes to him. After that, he looks out for Asa, who thinks that Denji is stuck in the situation because of her. Denji asks her if she wants to eat fish, then he remembers that she doesn’t eat fish, so he offers her a starfish.

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