One Piece has focused entirely on the battle between Luffy and Lucci in the past few chapters. However, the leaked spoilers of chapter 1071 also indicate another fight. This time, it’s not Luffy and Lucci; instead, it’s the fight between Zoro and Kaku that will grab your attention.

The upcoming chapter will focus on Kaku and Zoro’s fight and let you learn more about the Void Century. Moreover, Kid, along with his crew, Kuma and Garp, will also appear in One Piece chapter 1071.

Official Manga Trailer | One Piece: Ace’s Story | VIZ

Official Manga Trailer | One Piece: Ace’s Story | VIZ

One Piece gets interesting spoilers for Chapter 1071

According to the leaks, the chapter begins with Kuma arriving at the Red Port and everyone starting to panic. Kuma proceeds toward the lift that’s near the symbol of the World Government.

Coming back to Egghead Island, we see Stussy passing comments on Luffy, but he is only focused on Lucci and Vegapunk, as he wants to attack them. Lucci gets frustrated seeing the CP0 agents blocking ships and ports on Egghead Island.

In the lab, all the Vegapunks are done packing the bags that are needed to be sent to Sunny. Besides that, Edison reveals that there’s a person who can help them. However, Edison knew that if that person helped them, he would be killed by the World Government, so he did not agree to call him. Vegapunk, on the other hand, decides to call the mysterious person.

The person doesn’t show their face while talking to Vegapunk, but the scientist gets an assurance that the person will handle CP0 agents and they don’t have to worry about them.

Frontier Dome vanishes, and everyone gets confused as no one in the control room is behind its disappearance. Luffy thinks there is something unusual about it. At the end of the chapter, Garp arrives at Marine Base G-14.

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