Denji and Asa have started liking each other’s company, so the manga is getting even better. After witnessing the events in chapter 116, fans now eagerly wait for the next chapter. So, when does the awaited chapter 117 of Chainsaw Man release? Well, let’s find out.

Previously, the manga showed that the devil hunters, Denji and Asa, are stuck in a giant aquarium that doesn’t allow them to step out of it. However, in all the chaos, one good thing that happened was the friendship between Asa and Denji, which seemed impossible from the start.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

When will Chapter 117 of Chainsaw Man manga release?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 will release at 12:00 AM JST on Wednesday, January 11, 2022. The majority of the territories will get to read the chapter on Tuesday, January 10, 2022. However, the time differences cause the release timings to vary. Here’s the time schedule that will clear your doubts regarding the release timings of the chapter in your region:

What happened previously in Chainsaw Man manga?

While Kobeni’s brother stares at Asa and Denji, the former tells the latter that every starfish in the aquarium is not consumable. Denji says they don’t have another option as Asa doesn’t eat fish. Even though Asa agrees to eat starfish, she asks Denji to boil them as she believes that they are poisonous. Hearing this, Denji shows her that he has a lighter to boil the starfishes.

Asa encounters several school hats lying around her, and Denji says that selling these can get him some money that he needs to educate his sister. He also adds that he has spent his entire childhood in poverty but doesn’t want the same life for his sister. Asa is stunned as she has never seen Denji talking about something like this.

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