Chainsaw Man is coming back from its weekly hiatus to give us the much-awaited Chapter 122 of the manga series. And here’s all you need to know about its release schedule.

In the previous chapter, Nayuta motivated Denji to fight the devil so that thousands of people could love him. She also told him to stop craving love from a single girl and well, Denji understood what Nayuta was saying, and he agreed to fight. At the same time, Asa also encountered a strange twisted dead body, and everyone is now eager to see what this all means in the next chapter.

When Does Chainsaw Man Chapter 122 Come Out?

Chapter 122 of Chainsaw Man is scheduled to release worldwide on Tuesday, March 7th, 2022, at 7:00 AM PT (Pacific Timing); however, the release time on Viz Media and Manga Plus will vary depending on your region. So, here’s the exact schedule that you must follow for these time zones:

A brief recap of the manga’s previous chapter

In the previous chapter, we saw Denji complaining to Nayuta that he couldn’t get girls even after being chainsaw man. So, he refused to fight the devil that Nayuta and Denji could smell near them. However, Nayuta, as expected, manipulated Denji into fighting the devil. 

At the same time, we see Yoshida spending some time with Asa, who, by the way, is under the impression that Yoshida likes her. On the other hand, Yoshida refuses to acknowledge his feelings for Asa and asks her to stay away from Denji without giving any reasons. After that, Asa came across a corpse that didn’t look normal, and it wasn’t since Yoru also asked Asa to stay away from that corpse.

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