Chainsaw Man anime’s penultimate episode of the first cour will release soon, and here, we will talk about the release schedule of the exciting episode.

Aki gets severe damage from the Katana Man in the ninth episode of the anime, so the tenth episode opens up by showing him in the hospital. Meanwhile, the majority of the devil hunters of Division 4 are dead, so Makima leaves Power and Denji with Kishibe, who she believes to be the only one who can help the two to strengthen their physical strength.

Moreover, fans are excited for the upcoming episode because it will also give clarity on what arc of the manga will mark the end of the anime’s first cour.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

When does Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Release?

Chainsaw Man episode 11 will release at 2:00 AM JST on TV Tokyo on Wednesday, December 21, 2022. The worldwide audience can enjoy the much-awaited episode of the animated series on Crunchyroll following the below time schedule:

Kishibe trains Power and Denji in episode 10

At the beginning of the tenth episode, Denji and Power fight for an apple in the hospital where Aki is admitted. Later, Makima takes them to Kishibe and asks him to train them so that they can be valuable assets to the team. Kishibe starts training them, for which he kills the two repeatedly. Their immortality brings them to life after getting killed several times.

Later, Power and Denji make strategies to defeat Kishibe as he is about to visit them in their apartment. However, when Kishibe reaches the location, he successfully dodges all the attacks by Denji and Power.

Well, it’s already clear that Kishibe is a skilled fighter, so it would be amazing to see how he trains the childish Denji and the self-centered blood fiend Power.

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