Sadly, the first season of Chainsaw Man has met its ending with one of the most gore-filled anime finales of all time. However, fans were delighted to see a glimpse of Reze at the end of the finale episode of Chainsaw Man season 1.

Even though we did not get a chance to see a clear picture of the lady who entered the show just a few seconds before the episode’s closure, we know who it was. As the Katana Man Arc has been covered to its entirety in the anime, now it’s time to get Bomb Girl Arc in Season 2. And Reze is the main character in the manga’s Bomb Girl Arc, so it’s clear that the lady we saw in the finale episode of Chainsaw Man was no one else but Reze herself.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Ending of Chainsaw Man Episode 12 Explained

After capturing Katana Man and torturing him until the arrival of the cops at the location, Aki and Denji live in an apartment as roommates, and now they enjoy each other’s company. Power also joins them. One day after having dinner, when Power and Denji fall asleep, Aki finds an opportunity to smoke the cigarette given to him by the Ghost Devil, so he goes to the apartment’s balcony.

Himeno kept the cigarette for the day when Aki could smoke it, so she had written Easy Revenge on it. After that, we see Denji’s dream where he is heading toward a door, from where he can hear Pochita calling him. However, as he is about to open the door, Pochita interrupts and tells him to stop. Lastly, in the episode, we see a woman stepping on the staircase wearing sneaker shoes and a bun hairstyle. She says, ‘Tell Me, Denji, from a Country Mouse or a City Mouse, which one you would rather be.’ Of course, it is Lady Reze, the main antagonist from Chainsaw Man manga’s Bomb Girl Arc.

Who is Reze in Chainsaw Man manga?

Reze is the primary antagonist in the Bomb Girl Arc, who the Soviet Union sends to steal Denji’s heart. For her mission, she shows Denji that she has a crush on him, and she also shows sympathy toward him after hearing his childhood stories.

She received training from the military and has incredible physical strength and fighting skills, but she doesn’t get involved in unnecessary conflicts. She only fights when absolutely needed. Besides that, she has also made a contract with the Bomb Devil, so she is also a hybrid like Denji.

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