The biggest anime of the fall, Chainsaw Man, is here, and undoubtedly it brings everything that it promised.

The premiere episode of Chainsaw Man featured the opening song ‘Kick Back’ by Kenshi Yonezu. Moreover, the episode came with the most brutal scenes in the history of anime and several heartwarming scenes.

After the successful premiere of the show, fans can’t wait to learn about the Chainsaw Man Episode 2 release schedule. Well, that’s what the article is about.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

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When does Chainsaw Man Episode 2 Release?

Chainsaw Man Episode 2 will come out on Crunchyroll on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, at 9:00 AM PT, and fans residing in the rest of the world can follow the below time schedule:

What happened in Episode 1 of the anime?

Denji and his pet Devil, Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil, hunt the Tomato Devil and are paid for the job by a person who is also the same person who has given the debt to Denji’s deceased father. Denji walks through the street, thinking about his poor living condition. The debt collector and his ally watch him from a distance and discusses why they hired him as a devil hunter. The debt collector also mentions that Denji can do anything for money.

Returning to the apartment, Denji takes us to the flashback that shows his first meeting with Pochita and how the duo came together. As the flashback gets over, Denji coughs blood, remembering that her mother died the same way. After that, he gets called by the debt collector, who takes him and Pochita to an isolated location.

As soon as they arrive at the place, Denji gets stabbed by a devil on his back. He gets shocked after learning that the Debt collector has made a deal with the Zombie Devil for money. The Zombie Devil asks its zombie army to kill Denji. Unfortunately, Denji can’t escape and gets killed brutally.

While his bloodshed body lies in the dump, his blood reaches Pochita’s mouth, bringing the Chainsaw Devil back to life. Pochita gets a flashback where Denji says that if any day he dies, Pochita shall take over his body and lead an everyday life. The next moment, returning to the current state, the devil takes over Denji’s body and kills each devil present.

The episode concluded by showing the entry of Makima along with two public guards. She finds out that Denji is neither a human nor a devil, so she gives him two choices- whether he wants to live like a human or die like a devil.

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