Warning: This article contains spoilers for Chainsaw Man anime and manga.

Chainsaw Man Episode 3 showed Power’s death, and fans are curious to know if their beloved Blood Fiend is really dead.

Power is a Blood Fiend who was once a devil, and Makima introduces her to the special experimental division of her organization that also has Denji. Aki asks the devil to work with Denji; the latter gets crazy seeing a girl and agrees to work with her. However, they could not catch even a single devil due to Power’s strong body scent.

Power is already considered one of the most beloved and prominent characters, so her death sequence in the anime is shocking for several fans.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Does Power die in Chainsaw Man anime?

In the third episode of Chainsaw Man, we saw Power getting eaten by the giant Bat Devil; however, don’t fret, Power fans, because the Blood Devil will survive the whole ordeal. In fact, in the manga, Denji even saves Power’s cat, Meowy. So, the community doesn’t have to feel bad about Power, at least for now.

Interestingly, since Denji can save Power from her demise against the Bat Devil, she’ll possibly give Denji what he desires for now.

What Happened in Chainsaw Man Episode 3?

The third episode of Chainsaw Man started by showing Makima dissatisfied with how Power killed the Sea Cucumber devil. She also asks Denji to keep an eye on her.

Later, Power tells Denji how the Bat Devil kidnapped her beloved cat; Denji seems disinterested. However, The Blood Fiend made a deal with him that he couldn’t deny and agreed to help her find the cat. Reaching the location, Power betrays Denji and hits him on his head, making him unconscious. Waking up, he learned that Power had made a contract with Bat Devil to bring him a human in return for her cat.

As the devil tastes Denji’s blood, he gets angry as, according to him, he has never tasted awful blood as his. As punishment for Power, the Bat Devil ate her cat, and after that, within a few minutes, he put the Blood Fiend in his mouth. However, later in the episode, we see a fight between Denji’s Chainsaw Man and Bat Devil, in which the former kills the latter.

How did Power die in Chainsaw Man manga?

Power dies two times in Chainsaw Man manga. Firstly, she dies in Control devil Arc, where Makima brutally kills her with one of her fingers. After that, when she attacks Denji, Pochita immediately awakes Power and asks her to merge with Denji and kill Makima. Power gets confused as she isn’t aware of how to do that. Pochita tells her that Denji drank her blood once so she could emerge from his body. Soon, Power sprouted from Denji’s body in a more horrifying look. This time she survived by escaping from Makima and her Zombie slaves.

The other time, she donates her blood to Denji so that they can defeat Makima. This time, she indeed dies as her body disappears completely, and she gets fused with Denji forever.

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