With its unique plot, Spy X Family has undoubtedly become a global hit in less time. And after watching last week’s episode, fans are excited to know the release schedule for Episode 17.

Spy x Family Cour 2 | Official Trailer

Spy x Family Cour 2 | Official Trailer

Spy X Family gained popularity for its action and comedy aspects, but the anime also comes with several heartfelt scenes that make it even better. Moreover, since the day it was released on Netflix, it did not only topped the charts of the streaming platform; in fact, as per MyAnimeList, it’s in the top 10 high-rated anime shows of all time.

When does Spy X Family Episode 17 arrive on Crunchyroll?

Spy X Family Episode 17 will come out on Japanese Channels on Saturday, October 29, 2022, and later, it will arrive on Crunchyroll and Netflix for International fans. Here’s the time schedule:

What happened in Episode 16?

Loid is concerned about Yor coming home late while Anya is hungry as she plays with Bond. As Yor enters after a while, the first thing Loid notices are the cuts and bandages on her fingers. Yor asks them to continue having dinner as she is not hungry, but as soon as she enters her room, Bond shows Anya a vision in which Yor is seen crying. Seeing that, Anya worries for her mother.

After that, Yor talks to herself in the room, stating that if she fails, she will lose her family. The next day, while wrapping up from work, a group of girls asked Camila to hang out with them, but she refused. Yor is seen holding a brown packet that has red stains on it. Soon, she rings the bell of a house; Camila comes out of the house and asks Yor if she is sure she wants to continue. After getting a reply from her, Camila calls her inside.

A flashback shows Yor asking her colleagues to teach her cooking; otherwise, Loid will divorce her. Suddenly, Dominic enters and says that Camila is a good cook and she can teach her. Camila disagrees for a while, but then she agrees. Returning to the present day, we see Camila asking Dominic to taste the food when Yor cooks. However, Dominic has already called Yuri, Yor’s brother, for dinner so he can taste it first.

Yor cooks the first dish and serves it to Yuri, who says it tastes good, but when Camila and Dominic try it, they learn it tastes pathetic. The second food she prepares also seems to be a failure. Later, remembering her mother’s handmade stew, she tries to cook it, and it actually impresses everyone. After that, going home, she cooks the same thing for Anya and Loid, and they simply love it.

Later in the episode, Franky tells Loid that he is in love with a girl, and he seeks help from the spy. Loid trains him for a while, disguised as a girl, but when Franky approaches the girl he likes, she rejects him.

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