Chainsaw Man anime has released two episodes, now it’s time for Episode 3, and this post talks about the release schedule for the episode.

The biggest anime of the year, Chainsaw Man, is running at a fast pace, and that’s one of the reasons why fans seem excited about the anime. Moreover, interestingly, the first season of the anime will have 12 closing theme songs; isn’t it amazing? Honestly, the anime series has become an overnight sensation since its premiere episode, and we can expect it to go beyond our expectations.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

When does Chainsaw Man Episode 3 release?

Chainsaw Man Episode 3 will be available on Crunchyroll on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, at 9:00 AM Pacific Timing. Below is the time schedule for different time zones that you should check out:

Chainsaw Man Episode 2: A Brief Recap

Makima and Denji head toward the Devil Hunter Public Safety Organization. On the way, Denji learns that Makima is a strange woman as she says that she likes people who obey whatever she says. Reaching the organization, Makima introduces Denji to Aki Hayakawa and asks him to work with Aki. However, Denji looks forward to working with Makima, so he starts blabbering. Seeing this, Makima says that if he does his duty sincerely, maybe one day he will get an opportunity to work with her.

Denji and Aki go patrolling in search of devils, but the latter takes the former to an isolated place and beats him. Aki asks Denji to resign as he doesn’t see any qualities of a Devil Hunter in him. But as soon as Aki turns around, Denji knocks him down and brings him back to Makima. There, Makima declares that not only will the duo hunt devils together, but they’ll also share an apartment.

In the apartment, Denji gets furious to see good food and a decent place to bathe, but his actions irritate Aki. Later, Aki sets Denji with Power to hunt the devil, and as they go out searching for devils, Denji learns that devils are scared of Power’s scent. However, in the last minutes of the episode, they encounter a sea cucumber devil, whom Power kills within a minute by jumping on him from the top of a building.

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