After an action-packed third episode, it’s time to talk about the Chainsaw Man‘s episode 4 release date and time. So, what release schedule will be followed by the upcoming episode of the anime series? Well, here’s everything you need to know.

The previous episode of Chainsaw Man showed Denji getting into a fight with the Bat Devil after he swallows Power and her cat, meowy. Despite getting betrayed by Power, Denji fights for her with the devil. However, Denji had his own reasons for doing that.

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man has already gained massive popularity with only three episodes. Also, since the anime aired on Crunchyroll, the manga sold 2 Million copies, making it 18 Million copies sold to date.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

When does Chainsaw Man Episode 4 Release?

Chainsaw Man episode 4 will release on Wednesday, November 2, 2022, at 1:00 AM in Japan. International fans will get the episode on Crunchyroll at the below timings:

Crunchyroll Faces Server Issues Because of Chainsaw Man Episode 3

Crunchyroll servers going down after the third episode’s release doesn’t come as a surprise, as the anime has created insane hype since its first episode. From its incredible animation to character design, the anime adaptation of the famous manga has it all that any anime enthusiast could ask for.

Every fan might have tried to access the streaming platform as soon as the third episode came out. Unfortunately, the hype became the reason why the Crunchyroll servers remained down for a few hours. Many fans also took the issue to Twitter; you can see the tweets below:

Chainsaw Man episode 3 gets a new ending song from MAPPA

Unlike other anime, Chainsaw Man revealed that all 12 episodes of the anime series would have different ending theme songs. Mappa released the theme songs for the first two episodes on its Youtube Channel after the episodes aired. Now, it has uploaded the third episode’s ending song, i.e., HAWATARI NIKU CENTI, by the band Maximum The Hormone. When translated into English, HAWATARI NIKU CENTI means “2-hundred-million-centimeter-long blades.”

Besides this, the video has a hallucinatory vibe that comes with a red background and a glimpse of the main characters from the show, including Power, Makima, Denji, and Aki. You can take a look at the video yourself:

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