Denji’s journey as a Devil hunter continues as the new animated show, Chainsaw Man, approaches its sixth episode. Well, in this article, we reveal when Chainsaw Man episode 6 will release on Crunchyroll.

Previously, we see Denji as a poor young man who has nobody to live with except his pet Pochita, who’s a chainsaw devil. After Denji is killed by the zombie devil’s army, Pochita fuses with his dead body, making him the chainsaw man. Becoming Chainsaw Man, Denji was hired by Makima for her special division of devil hunters. Later, he was partnered with Power, and until now, he has killed several devils, including Bat devil and Zombie devil.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

When does Chainsaw Man Episode 6 release?

Chainsaw Man episode 6 will be officially released on TV Tokyo for Japanese fans at 2:00 AM JST on Wednesday, November 16, 2022. The International audience can enjoy the episode on Crunchyroll following the below times:

What happened in the previous episode of Chainsaw Man?

The episode starts by showing Power offering Denji the thing she promised him in case he succeeds in saving meowy. That was the first time Denji received something like this, but he seemed dissatisfied in the end. When he told about the instance to Makima, she teased him for a few minutes, and after that, she asked him to kill the Gun devil, and in return, he could ask for anything. Denji agrees.

The members of the special division start looking for Gun devil. Aki headed the team, and the team included Himeno, Power, Denji, Arai, and Kobeni. Everyone enters a hotel searching for the devil and first encounters a strange devil with only a head attached to its legs. Power kills the devil, and Himeno reveals her ghost devil powers. After that, the devil hunters learn they are stuck in the hotel.

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