Chainsaw Man episode 6 has arrived on Crunchyroll, and as usual, it has come up with a new devil named Eternity Devil. Well, fans can’t resist learning more about the devil, and if you are someone who wants to know the same, you are at the right place.

Warning- Spoilers from Chainsaw Man manga ahead

The much-awaited Eternity Devil arc began with episode 5 of Chainsaw Man, but it introduced us to the Eternity Devil in the sixth episode of the anime. It is the third arc of Chainsaw Man manga’s Public Safety Saga.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Who is Eternity Devil in Chainsaw Man?

Eternity Devil is a devil who has lumps of flesh on its entire body; in fact, his body consists of several arms and a mouth on every side. The devil gets huge by consuming the fear and suffering of others. That’s why when Himeno knocked out Kobeni, the devil started laughing out loud.

The devil possesses some tricky abilities, such as he can stop the time of a particular place, and the people stuck in it will be out of contact with the outside world. He can also create incarnations in his stomach and make them kill anyone. Initially, the incarnations will be small, but they will keep growing with time. Besides this, the Eternity Devil can modify any floor of a building into space that won’t have an exit as it becomes the devil’s stomach.

Does the Eternity Devil get defeated in Chainsaw Man manga?

The devil hunters get trapped on the eighth floor of the Morin hotel. After waiting for several hours, they encounter Eternity Devil, who wants to make a contract with them. He asks for Denji’s heart to release the other members of the team. Kobeni, Arai, and Power want to fulfill the devil’s wish, but Aki and Himeno oppose it.

Later, when Aki thinks about a solution, Himeno gets hold of him using her Ghost Devil powers and asks others to kill Denji. However, Aki somehow saves him; seeing this, Denji decides to kill the Eternity Devil himself. So, he jumps directly into the devil’s mouth after pulling his cord. Becoming Chainsaw Man, he starts fighting with the devil, and after three days of continuous battle, Eternity Devil gets fed up with the cuts on his body, and he asks Chainsaw Man to kill him. Well, Chainsaw Man does the same and slices him into two.

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