Chainsaw Man episode 5, titled Gun Devil, arrived on Crunchyroll. We saw Makima instructing Denji to kill the Gun Devil, one of the strongest Devils whom all the devil hunters want to kill. However, no one is aware of his whereabouts. Well, the episode did not let us meet the Gun Devil, but we may get to see him in the next episode. Until then, let’s look at this article, where we have talked about the devil.

Warning: Spoilers from the Chainsaw Man manga ahead

The latest episode of the newest anime showed Makima telling Denji how fear of guns in people brought Gun Devil to life. The devil first appeared during a terrorist attack, but after that, he disappeared, and since then, all the devil hunters have been looking for him.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man’s Gun Devil Explained

Several years ago, when the devils took over the world, the manufacturing of guns increased so that civilians could protect themselves. However, several people used it to commit crimes, due to which fear of guns among everyone increased. Moreover, a terrorist attack destroying half of America gave birth to the Gun Devil.

The devil came into existence due to the fear of guns, so its body, especially its forearms and legs, were made of gigantic guns. His face looked like a skeleton. After coming to life, he caused massive destruction, killing almost a million people in a few minutes.

Talking about its abilities, the Gun Devil possesses immense speed and high durability due to its build.

How does Aki Hayakawa become Gun Devil?

The Gun Devil killed Aki’s family when he was young, so since then, killing the devil has been his only motive. However, he couldn’t kill him; instead, his body was possessed by the Gun Devil after his death. Besides this, after getting fused with the Gun Devil, Aki’s appearance changed utterly, and a gun came out of his forehead.

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