Chainsaw Man episode 5 brings a woman wearing an eyepatch, and everyone wants to know who she is exactly. This post contains detailed information about the new entry in Chainsaw Man anime.

Warning: Spoilers for Chainsaw Man episode 5 and manga ahead

In the latest episode of Chainsaw Man, we see a desperate Denji getting the reward from Power after he saved her and Meowy from getting killed at the hands of Bat Devil. However, Denji did not feel good about it because, for him, the experience was nowhere close to what he had imagined. Later, he experienced the same thing with Makima, but this time, he was overwhelmed.

Makima asked Denji to find Gun Devil and kill him. She also stated that if Denji kills the devil, she will fulfill any one of his wishes. The next scene takes us to Aki and Himeno (the eyepatch woman), who seems to be an interesting character. That’s why fans can’t resist knowing more about her.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Who is Himeno from Chainsaw Man?

Himeno is one of the devil hunters of Makima’s special division. She works closely with Aki Hayakawa. Before working with Aki, she had five partners who died while fulfilling their duties as devil hunters. While she was at the graveyard mourning their deaths, Kishibe introduced her to Aki. Before continuing the job, she bluntly told Aki that all her partners had died because they were useless. Hence, Himeno asked Aki whether he was capable of working as a devil hunter or not.

Despite having a fun-loving nature, she becomes ruthless when working. Himeno can do anything for her loved ones. Several times, she protected her teammates from getting killed at the hands of the devils using her Ghost Devil powers. She made a contract with the Ghost Devil by sacrificing her right eye.

Does Himeno die in Chainsaw Man?

Yes, Himeno dies in Chainsaw Man while protecting his team from Katana Man, who wants to kill Denji. Katana Man has a deep hatred for Denji, so he joins hands with Akane Sawatari, the Snake Devil. One day, while Himeno, Denji, and Aki are at a restaurant along with their teammates, Katana Man shows up. He starts talking about Denji’s grandfather, and suddenly, taking out a gun, he shoots Denji and his teammates.

All the devil hunters get injured, and Himeno notices Aki fighting Katana Man. Seeing this, she requests the Ghost Devil to possess her fully. The devil did the same, but before it could help Aki, the Snake Devil appeared and swallowed the Ghost Devil, leaving Himeno’s clothes behind. Fortunately, before dying, she pulled Denji’s chord, making him the Chainsaw Man.

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