Chainsaw Man manga will release Chapter 123 soon, and here, we talk about the complete release schedule of the chapter.

The previous chapter of Chainsaw Man revealed that the upcoming chapter would bring a new devil into the picture. Even though the devil’s name is yet unknown, the chapter already states that she is going to be one of the strongest devils in the universe. After getting a glimpse of the new entry’s powers, the War devil decides to run too.

Well, fans can’t wait to learn who this powerful devil is, so let’s find out when the upcoming installment of Chainsaw Man gets released.

When does Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 get released?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 gets released on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, at 12:00 AM JST. Viz Media and Manga Plus will bring the chapter for International fans following the below timings:

What happened in the previous chapter of Chainsaw Man?

Yoshida and Famine Devil go to a restaurant where the former once brought Denji. Fami makes a huge order, and Yoshida asks her to order less because it would be too expensive for him. Yoshida then explains her Prophecy of Nostradamus, which predicted the extinction of humans in 1999. Furthermore, he revealed that Public Safety believes that Fami is a part of the Prophecy and they would get her killed if she did not cooperate.

Fami says that the remaining seven convicts have a week to live, and they will be killed after that. She also says that a Primal Devil appeared 40 seconds ago, and she will be the one to put humanity in danger. Before she can disclose the devil’s name, the scene cuts to an apartment where we see a group of people celebrating and discussing their future. Later, they decide to die, so they jump from the balcony.

Yoru also watches several people killing themselves, so she drops her bag and runs away, believing she can’t win this time.

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