Blue Lock manga is about to release its 210th Chapter, and here, we take a quick look at the chapter’s release date, time, and spoilers.

The sports-centered manga started its serialization in Shonen Jump Magazine on June 9, 2022. Within four months, the manga’s animated adaptation started airing, and since then, its popularity is touching new heights with each passing day. Fans can’t stop talking about its unique storyline and character development. The manga’s fondness amongst fans has helped it become one of the top-selling mangas, with over 21.5 Million copies sold as of February 2023.

Blue Lock Chapter 210 Release date and Time

Blue Lock Chapter 210 will release on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, at 12:00 AM JST. Internationally, it will arrive on Viz Media and Manga Plus on March 14, 2023, at different times. That’s because of the differences in the time zones. Well, you can follow the below time schedule:

The spoilers for the chapter reveals one of the New Gen 11 players

The chapter begins setting up a match between Uber Climactic and Bastard Munchen. Isagi and Barou get hurt after the latter headbutts the former. Isagi notices Barou’s red-dyed hair and calls him arrogant for dyeing them. Barou starts showing off that he could dye his hair because his salary is twice Isagi’s.

The other players from Ubers interfere and start saying that they helped Barou dye his hair. One of them also says that Barou has changed his look, especially for the match against Isagi. After that, Aiku says that his team will take the throne of Blue Lock.

On the other hand, JFU’s president enters the Blue Lock’s General Command Room with merchandise samples that he looked forward to selling. Ego rejects them all and pushes the box. Baratsuta reminds Ego that Blue Lock is a business, and he should consider these business tactics.

After that, we are taken back to the match, where the announcement is being made that whether Barou will again control the field by making another goal or whether Isagi will make the goal this time. Well, Isagi is using his observing skills to their fullest to read the tactics the opponent team will use.

The game begins, and the ball goes past two Uber players. Isagi realizes that Ubers’ playing technique is very defensive, which makes the team unbreakable. Kaiser has the ball, and Niko is all set to snatch it from him. However, Kaiser managed to pass the ball to Ness, who passed it to Grimm. Isagi tries hard to read the pattern used by the opponent team.

Later, a player with a tattoo on the back of his neck snatched the ball from Kaiser. He turns out to be DF Don Lorenzo, a New Gen 11 player.

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