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Chainsaw Man Part 2 introduces us to Mitaka, the War Devil

Since Part 1 of the popular dark fantasy manga concluded, fans have been desperately waiting for Chainsaw Man Part 2. Well, after a long hiatus, the much-awaited Manga made its comeback with a brand new chapter.

Chainsaw Man fans were curious to see if the 98th chapter will feature Denji. Unfortunately, the chapter doesn’t show Denji, but we are introduced to a girl named Mitaka, who seems to be the next potential enemy of the Chainsaw Man.

Official Manga Trailer | Chainsaw Man, Vol. 1 | VIZ

Official Manga Trailer | Chainsaw Man, Vol. 1 | VIZ

Events of Chainsaw Man Part 2, Chapter 98 Explained

Chapter 98 begins with Class teacher Tanaka, introducing the students to a chicken named Bucky. He also instructs that the chicken needs to be taken care of for three months, and after that, it can be eaten. Tanaka also discloses that he wants students to understand the importance of life.

Later, we meet a girl named Mitaka, who usually finds reasons to criticize almost everyone and everything. She doesn’t like to be surrounded by people or make friends. However, one day she is approached by the class president whom Tanaka sends to befriend her. On the other hand, all students of the class start loving Bucky, so they decide not to kill and eat him after three months.

Furthermore, with the chapter moving forward, Mitaka realizes that she is jealous of everybody and that’s the sole reason for her behavior. She was regretting already for treating everybody ill, and suddenly, she flipped and fell to the ground with Bucky in her hands. The incident killed Bucky and Mitaka held herself responsible for his death.

Mitaka, the War Devil

However, things took a spooky turn when the Class President, out of jealousy, revealed how Tanaka had an affair with her, but the teacher started developing feelings for Mitaka. Soon, we see Class Prez getting transformed into a devil. She also disclosed that she made a contract with the Justice devil to get a happy ending with Tanaka. After revealing her true self, she brutally killed Mitaka, the only obstacle between her and Tanaka.

An owl, the War Devil, saw the entire incident. He later makes a deal with Mitaka and says that despite being dead, she can live a normal life only if she gets fused with him (War Devil). This time, Mitaka will be strong enough and have powers that would give her the strength to kill her enemies. Coming back from the death bed, Mitaka first killed Tanaka by pulling his head out with the spinal cord. Seeing her back, the demonic class president was shocked, and that’s when Mitaka revealed herself as War Devil.

Eventually, Mitaka also kills the class prez by using Tanaka’s spinal cord as a sword. After that, she mocks the couple by saying they finally have a happy ending. Finally, the War Devil states that he’ll go after Chainsaw Man next and make Denji puke all the nuclear weapons. So, it’s clear that Mitaka or the War Devil will be the Chainsaw Man series’ antagonist for Part 2.

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