Crash Course in Romance will be on your screens with Episode 11, and here, you will get every information about the release schedule of the K-Drama’s upcoming episode.

Crash Course in Romance revolves around two people who are far different from each other. One is a former athlete who is a side-dish store owner now and is financially weak; the other one is a popular maths instructor. The Korean drama series shows how destiny brings the duo together most dramatically.

Previously we saw how Choi deals with his feelings for the side-dish store owner. Well, we can’t wait to see the duo unite, so let’s find out when the series’ anticipated next episode will get released.

When will Crash Course in Romance Episode 11 get released?

Crash Course in Romance Episode 11 will get released on Saturday, February 18, 2023, at 9:00 PM KST on tvN in Korea. The streaming giant Netflix will simulcast the episode for the rest of the world. However, time differences in different time zones will make release timing vary, so here, we have provided a time schedule that you must follow:

Crash Course in Romance Episode 10: A Brief Recap

Chi-yeol confesses his feelings to Haeng-Seon, and as the broadcasting of the live stream is still ongoing, everyone comes to know about it. Later, Chi-yeol decides not to answer any questions asked by the media people who are waiting for him outside. However, when Haeng-Seon texts him to meet her at the Karaoke Bar, he goes straightaway to see her.

He admits in front of her that he has feelings for her, but he also knows that he shouldn’t have those, so he assures her that he will stop there. After saying this, he leaves.

On the other side, Chi-Yeol’s reputation is going down day by day, so the director of the academy asks him to take a break for some time and decides to hire a younger and more stable tutor.

While all this was happening, a lifeless body was found on the shores, and the detectives handling the ball-bearing case started investing it. They learned that the young man was hit by a ball bearing.

Later, in the closing moments of the episodes, Haeng-Seon goes to Chi-Yeol when the latter is drunk, and his friend is sleeping on the couch. The duo finally gets to spend quality time together with no more drama.

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