Dandadan is a popular action fantasy manga that released its first chapter in Shonen Jump magazine in 2021, and since then, it has gathered all the chapters in eight individual volumes. With its perfect comedy and action aspects, it has successfully accumulated a massive fanbase. Well, as the manga has given us 91 incredible chapters, now fans want to know when chapter 92 is getting released.

Dandadan follows two high schoolers named Momo Ayase and Okarun. The former believes in ghosts, and the latter believes in aliens. Momo doesn’t believe aliens exist, and Okarun thinks the same about ghosts. So, they finally decide to prove their points to each other. When they start investigating, they learn that they are both half correct because ghosts and aliens exist.

When will Dandadan Chapter 92 be released?

Dandadan Chapter 92 will come out on Viz Media and Manga Plus on Monday, January 30, 2023, at 9:00 AM PST. International fans can read the article on the platforms mentioned above and on Shonen Jump’s website following the below timings:

What happened in the previous chapter?

Chapter 91 of Dandadan titled ‘Initiate! The Road to Counterattack’ begins by showing a mailman searching for Seiko Ayase’s house. Momo and Aira talk about the mailman’s harsh driving. Momo and Aira go to a place, and the former confirms if it was once the Naki hospital. He asked this because he couldn’t see any trace of the building nearby.

Later, Serpo asks Jiji to remove the sheet of metal that’s lying on the ground so that they can see the underground passage. Serpo also tells Aira and Momo that the secret passage contains a lot of food and water that lasts for almost a week. Aira gets suspicious that the path might be a trap to cease them. However, Momo assures her that it’s not a web and nothing will happen to her.

After they enter the underground shelter, several floating shells appear before them. Seeing these shells, Momo thinks it is definitely a trap created by Serpo. As they proceed further, Momo comes across the alien she has previously fought with. However, Serpo clarifies that it was just an illusion of her past enemy, which has been created using combat-use simulators. Serpo also says that they can polish their fighting skills as they will be fighting their new enemies in the next five days.

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