Since past Spider-Man movies were released under Sony’s umbrella, questions are being asked about who will play Norman and Harry Osborn in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

James Franco’s brother, Dave, has not yet entered the MCU – he has only voiced Tony Stark in Marvel Avengers Academy – and some fans have seen an opening.

Marvel was only able to include Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and the web-slinger’s ensemble characters on loan from Sony, but now, fans are eager to see what Spidey characters can be established in the MCU now that the Multiverse has opened new possibilities.

Spider-Man 3 | Official Trailer

Spider-Man 3 | Official Trailer

Dave Franco Responds to Harry Osborn’s Recast

During an interview with, Dave Franco and Jamie Foxx were promoting the new movie Day Shift when Franco was asked about Harry Osborn.

Franco was asked if there were any Spider-Man villains he would like to play in the MCU and passed the question back to Chris Killian to ask who he thought he should play when Harry Osborn was mentioned:

“That’s treading in a territory that’d be a little tricky. You know what you’re saying when you say that!”

Comic book characters didn’t appear to be Franco’s forte, but the actor was also hesitant to tread on his brother’s work.

Marvel Fans Have Their Say

Many Marvel fans are on board with having their very own Harry Osborn in the MCU, alongside his father Norman, who was previously portrayed by Willem Dafoe.

One fan was completely onboard with Dave playing Harry – who may go on to play the Green Goblin too – addressing how the Multiverse would allow those castings to happen.

Harry Osborn in the MCU

The classic portrayal of Harry Osborn in comic book live-action was James Franco’s performance in Sam Raimi’s first 2001 Spider-Man movie.

Franco returned for the full trilogy and even served his time playing the Goblin in the third movie.

Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released in 2014 which recast Harry Osborn bringing in Dane DeHaan. This version of Harry also went on to play the Green Goblin during Andrew Garfield’s sequel as the web-slinger.

Netflix Presents A Special Atlanta Screening Of DAY SHIFT, Hosted By Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco
Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Netflix

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