Just when we felt we had lost the mighty demon slayer, Genya Shinazugawa, something strange happened, leaving every fan speechless. It seems that there is more of Genya that we need to know about.

The third episode of Demon Slayer Season 3 showed Genya getting pierced by Aizetsu’s spear, giving him fatal wounds. In the latest episode, we see the demon slayer sitting on the floor and Aizetsu mocking him as if the demon knows this is Genya’s end. But, suddenly, Genya starts chanting some strange mantras. It is evident to think that even though Genya doesn’t have any powerful breathing style, he indeed has something within himself that acts as a shield for him.

Amida Sutra in Demon Slayer Explained

Amida Sutra, also known as Amitayurdhyana Sutra, is a set of solid mantras that originates from Buddhism. The practitioners chant these mantras to get reborn in a pure land seeking spiritual peace. That’s also the reason several practitioners keep reciting these mantras during their loved one’s funeral rites.

In the Demon Slayer context, being the successor to the strongest hashira, Gyomei Himejima, Genya learned the powerful technique. This helps him to heal the wounds received by his formidable foes. Moreover, the mantras not only help him recover his damages in a flash but also leave his attackers in a dilemma.

Besides that, as we saw in the latest episode of the anime series, the more repetitions of the mantras Genya did, the more strength, durability, and speed he gained, leaving the deadly demons in shock. That also helped Genya survive Aizetsu’s Lethal attacks. The mantras were also recognized by Aizetsu, the one who was making fun of Genya before was looking at him fearfully. It also looked like the repetitive action technique provided Genya with blessings directly from his teacher, the stone Hashira.

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