The third season of Demon Slayer introduced us to Gyokko, the Upper-Rank Five demon who decides to accompany Hantengu to the Swordsmith Village Arc. For now, we’ve seen Hantengu showcasing some of his skills in the anime, but we’ve seen very less of Gyokko, which makes everyone eager to know more about the character.

Gyokkko, unlike Hantengu, presents himself as a mischievous entity who takes joy in killing people. Also, he takes pride in the pots that he crafts for himself or other demons. In all, Gyokko is a fearsome yet interesting character, and we can’t wait for the Love and Mist Hashira to take on this enemy.

Gyokko in Demon Slayer Explained

Gyokko, as stated above, is the Upper-Rank Five, which makes him a fearsome demon and a strong weapon of Muzan. Like other demons, Gyokko is obsessed with Muzan, and he can go to any lengths to make his lord happy. This is seen when Muzan decapitates Gyokko while being angry, and at the time, Gyokko was only feeling blessed that Muzan was holding his head.

Gyokko, of course, like other demons, has extraordinary healing and fighting ability. His demon art is also extremely deadly, allowing him to appear at any place by placing his vase. He is also able to summon strange and lethal organisms over a large area to create a diversion or take the lives of innocent human beings. His ability also allows him to manipulate his physical form into liquid, which helps him disappear from a spot instantly.

Because of this, Gyokko gave a tough fight to the Mist Hashira. Even when he is losing, Gyokko never seems to acknowledge the fact that he is inferior or weaker than someone else — which confirms his narcissistic behavior.

Voice Actor of Gyokko in Demon Slayer

Kousuke Toriumi is the voice actor of Gyokko in Demon Slayer. The talented Japanese voice artist has worked on several other popular anime projects besides Demon Slayer, which includes Fate/Grand Order, Kingdom, My Hero Academia movie, and many more.

Seeing his portfolio, it’s safe to say that Kousuke is a talented individual. For now, we’ve seen very less of Kousuke in the anime, and it would be exciting to see more of his talent when he appears in some fighting scenes.

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